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‘Small’ but revolutionary! His name is V410 and is the latest generation conservator born in the Staff Ice System laboratories, the Rimini-based company specialized in the creation of equipment for the cold since 1959. Available both in the tubs version (V410V) and with carapine (V410C) , is certainly the ideal solution for those who want to store and sell ice cream, granita, sorbet and much more, without having problems of space and conservation. This dowry is also added to satisfy the ever-increasing need for the ice-cream maker to serve vegan ice-creams, without lactose or gluten-free.

Always attentive to the trends of the moment, Staff Ice System offers ice cream makers the help needed to meet these requirements: with the machines of the Linea V, dedicated to a very advanced concept of conservation, it is possible to differentiate the offer, safeguarding from any kind of contamination the tastes dedicated to allergy sufferers. Thanks to its small size, the four wells (or alternatively four trays) of which all the models in the range are equipped, it is in fact possible to reserve space for so-called tastes of lower consumption, such as those destined for a specific target. But the V410 is also the excellent proposal to give life to a totally summery showcase where you can store at different temperatures: slush, ice cream on a stick and the freshest novelties of the season!

These little jewels are then characterized by numerous advantages: electronic thermostat, adjustable positive and negative temperatures, configurable conservator according to need, fridge unit that can be positioned laterally or at the bottom, possibility to rotate the lid on all four sides for a more easy access, possibility to set different temperatures to ensure correct spatulability of the ice cream (without changing the recipe), less maintenance thanks to static evaporation, tropicalized refrigeration system (up to 43 °). In short, a truly innovative line of machines that once again confirms the great reliability of the products signed by Staff Ice System.