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Smartgel Ad-Hoc Control is the new line of automatic, self-extracting, customizable horizontal self-extractors, signed by Staff Ice System, a Rimini company specialized in refrigeration equipment since 1959. A true jewel of technology for both the beauty of design and detail , both for the technical innovations introduced to facilitate laboratory work.

In fact, there are a lot of the pluss that it has, starting with the direct coupling that, by removing the straps, minimizes noises due to oscillation and vibration. The ice cream outlet is larger than the average in order to overheat the ice cream as low as possible and at the same time guarantee a superior quality of the product. To maximize cleaning, the production tank has a larger diameter than the other market makers, and as the Staff Engineers are very careful about customizing the product, Smartgel can be ordered at the height most suited to the needs of Each operator.

Finally, the perfect integration between the basic electronics and the Inverter allows you to control the agitator speed and the right consistency of ice creams and sorbets so as to make any recipe optimizing power consumption.

The Smartgel Line Manifolds are available in three models: ‘table’ for those who have little room and want to produce ice cream in small quantities, and ‘floor’ in small and big versions.