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In recent years, the role of pastry in the catering channel has become increasingly important, attracting the attention of companies, pastry makers and restaurateurs in a logic of evolution and improvement of proposals to the final customer. From this point, Staff Ice System, a Rimini company specialized in refrigeration equipment since 1959, has expanded its range of catering products by offering multifunctional and combined machines to suit every chef … or better pastry chef.

In Italy there are many quality restaurants with “brisk” brigades, but with menus where sweet has always played a key role at the end of each meal. The thinking line of every restaurateur in the Italian pastry shop is to assemble, rather than to recieve, raise, and bake. There is a need to make the pastry more popular in the dining world, so that it can refine its skills in the dessert world, but again in the predesser. In a nutshell, a new introduction introduced recently, anticipating the true sweetness and allows the restaurateur to: pamper the customer who sees something unexpected and offered as welcome; prepare the client’s palate at dessert tasting (usually through something small and delicious); shorten the waiting time between the last meal and the main dessert, as the customer will not notice the time it passes and dulcis in the end, to use perishable products such as fresh fruit, cream and dairy products that otherwise would risk being deleted.

That’s why our multifunction machines want to become the main ally in every pastry workshop!

Robotcream per il pastry chef


The world’s smallest in the world,  RT51 is the ideal companion for every chef’s pastry, as it allows the latter to make their own recipes with the utmost care of details, with minimal footprint, ease of use and high quality assurance even in reduced quantity. It is able to keep up to 2 liters of ice cream and pasteurize and bake up to 5 liters, allowing you to prepare a variety of products including: ice cream, semifreddi, pies, granites, pastry cream, choux pasta, jelly, jams , jam, yogurt, creamy cream, mousse, marshmallows, nappage, pastry rice, béchamel, polenta, velvety and much more!

A modern and profitable innovation in the world of handicrafts, as well as a jewel of technology required by every chef’s pastry to make their own recipes by working relaxed, without worrying about mixing the preparation and enjoying step by step the recipe steps, multifunctional will think of everything to get to the end with a quality product. RT51 enhances the organoleptic characteristics of the preparations as the pasteurization cycle uses temperatures lower than the conventional boiling. In addition, inverter technology allows you to adjust the agitator speed at every stage, to control the perfect ice cream consistency and to protect the mechanical transmission and the engine, optimizing power consumption.

The plus available for the pastry craftsman are many, starting with the double lid that allows easier insertion of ingredients with moving stirrer. Additionally, the transparent lid allows you to control the mixing process throughout the working phase and the defrosting button for the bathtub makes it easier to restart the stirrer. In addition, the on-board computer includes 52 programs, including some already reset and others that can be modified for millions of possible recipes. There are three phases in the normal programs: heating, cooking time, cooling. With the chain program you can concatenate these phases and repeat them infinitely, in the order required by the recipe, setting a pause between the various cycles.

Staff Ice System engineers are very careful about the connection between the products, so RT51 is a perfect match with V410, a conservative designer who is elegant and ideal for anyone with space and storage problems. The latter is available in two versions, with trays that guarantee excellent visibility of the product and with carapins, in accordance with tradition (also available with 2 2.5 l and 2 l volts of 5 l in the V420 model).

RT51 e V410


The V line is also designed to differentiate the offer, safeguarding allergy-friendly tastes, such as lactose intolerants, celiac disease or vegan tastes, from any kind of contamination. A useful choice to adapt to the current market trend (the number of people who choose to follow a vegan diet increases every day, especially in Italy), and to respond to the demands of a specific client, ie those who suffer from celiac disease or of intolerance / allergy to milk and its derivatives. The latter pathologies in particular require great attention, both in the preparation of the ice cream and in its preservation.

These small jewels are also characterized by a number of advantages: electronic thermostat, adjustable positive and negative temperatures, configurable conservator as needed, fridge unit positioned both laterally and at the bottom, rotating the cover on all four sides for a more convenient access, the ability to set different temperatures to ensure the correct spatulability of the ice cream (without changing the recipe), less maintenance due to static evaporation, tropicalized fridge (up to 43 °).

In short, a truly innovative line of machines that once again confirms the great reliability of the products signed by Staff Ice System.

The news for Sigep 2018

It is difficult to describe the emotion we experience every time we attend the Sigep of Rimini, for us Staff Ice System has always been an inevitable appointment where the company constantly offers interesting novelties, with the participation of renowned chefs and pastry makers. This place is the center from which the new artisan gelato trends are born and it is precisely where we await our visitors from 20 to 24 January 2018, to make them live the best of this event.

This year, at the hall and stand A5 – 074, there will also be the chefs of Nazionale Italiana Cuochi and the academics of Accademia Maestri Pasticceri, who will give the fortunate visitors sweet moments and delicious preparations.

The novelty this year will concern the horizontal batch freezers of SmartGel line and the combined machines of SmartMix line, even more powerful and performing than in the past. Regarding the electromechanical horizontal (HTE, HSE and HBE) and electronic (HTX, HSX and HBX) manufactors, the 800 and 1.000 versions are used to produce 80 liter and 100 liters per hour. Same situation for combined machines, with the introduction of the RHS and RHB 15/80 and 15/100.

Not only products, in fact we want to share with all visitors our knowledge of homemade ice cream and dessert, with the excellence of our school “Accademia del Gelato”. Precisely for this reason there will be many formative and coking show moments, each one designed for different levels of experience. You just have to come visit us!