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True innovations have a lasting effect as they positively influence the future, and the Riminese company, Staff Ice System, specialized in refrigeration equipment since 1959, has been inspired to design its own lines of comfort, safety and prestige. Everything was possible by the Energy Saving Integrated, the integrated inverter system by Staff Ice System in collaboration with Toshiba to respect the environment and energy saving.

The inverter technology has made it possible to develop a density control with unique characteristics that allows the operator to set the density that he thinks is most appropriate and above all to intervene over the overrun, thereby adjusting the agitator speed to obtain ice cream and semifreddi with overrun different. It also protects the mechanical transmission and the engine and optimizes the power consumption of the electric motor.

In this way, each machine of the “Staff” range represents a great resource for the ice cream, pastry, and restaurateur: the perfect integration between the basic electronics and the inverter makes it possible to make any mixture, as if it were made by hand.

SmartGel is a last generation of batch freezer, environmentally-friendly and customizable, since the on-board computer includes 52 programs, each of which can work in a simple and automatic way with preset parameters or manually. Among the many plus which is fitted, surely will arouse attention direct coupling which, by eliminating the straps, minimizes the noise due to oscillation and vibration. The ice cream outlet is larger than the average in order to overheat the ice cream as much as possible and at the same time ensure superior quality. Additionally, the production basin has a larger diameter than other batch-freezer in order to make cleaning easier. And since the engineers of the Staff are very careful to the personalization of the product, it can be ordered SmartGel height most suitable to the needs of each operator. Beautiful in design, attention to detail, innovative functions, and environmentally friendly thanks to Inverter technology: who try never left it!