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Fabio Potenzano, chef of Italian National Chefs, performed with great success last January 23 at the stand of Staff Ice System at Sigep 2018 in Rimini. A truly unique performance that has allowed the public sector operators to learn trivia, tips and tricks on the preparation of pre-desserts, a very important moment because it prepares the palate for dessert. Robotcream RT51 was the protagonist in the preparation of the sorbet, a small multifunction capable of whipping up to 2 liters of product, but also useful for pasteurizing and cooking up to 5 liters allowing the preparation of an infinite number of products, such as crema pasticcera, choux pastry, jams and much more.

The idea of the pre-dessert, fresh and seasonal, proposed by the chef is a soup of fruit and vegetables with marinated syrup, a pumpkin and orange sorbet and caramelized olives that have seasoned the dish. It’s a gourmet preparationSorbetto Zucca e Arance with ingredients from the earth, such as fruits and vegetables, with different peaks on the palate, in fact salty ingredients are used, such as olives, but offered as a dessert. The vegetables used in this recipe are: celery, fennel and carrots, while the syrup is made of water and sugar, sucrose and infusion of the lemon thyme, mint, star anise and vanilla bean that has made the syrup even more interesting. The latter, later, was mixed with a raspberry flour and tied with Psyllium fiber that gave structure and density to the soup. Last but not least, the sorbet is composed of pumpkin, proposed in the form of puree, orange juice, dextrose and sucrose powder.