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Robotcream is one of most important line of Staff Ice System, Rimini company specialized since 1959 in refrigeration equipment and since 1984 for ice cream and pastry machines. Consisting of 10 models, from largest size to bench model, the line is able to satisfy the needs of artisan gelato, pastry and modern catering.

Robotcream multifunction machines are a modern and profitable innovation in the world of handicrafts. They express the concept of great genuinity and craftsmanship and enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the preparations as the pasteurization cycle uses temperatures lower than traditional boiling. The perfect integration between the basic electronics and the inverter, realized in collaboration with Toshiba, makes it possible to make any mix, without limits, as if it were made by hand. And all this adds to the unquestioned quality of the components used. The inverter technology allows you to adjust the agitator speed at each stage and to control the perfect consistency of the ice cream. It also protects the mechanical transmission and the engine, optimizing power consumption.

R51 and RT51 are able to prepare an infinity of products: ice cream, semifreddi, pies, granites, pastry cream, choux pasta, pate à bombs, jellies, jams, jams, yoghurt, cooked cream, ganache, mousse, marshmallows, nappage, rice for pastries, béchamel, polenta, velvety and much more! Capable of maintaining up to 2 liters and pastorizing and baking up to 5 liters are the ideal choice for: high quality catering, as they allow professional chef’s pastry to make their own recipes with the utmost care of details; farmhouses where, with minimal footprint, they guarantee the best preparation with their own ingredients; the small pastry shop and ice cream parlor, where great quality is required in small quantities.

RT151 multifunction desk is designed to meet the needs of those who have space problems and operates in the pastry and dining world. Despite its small size, it has a capacity of 15 liters and has many pluss, adjust the temperature to 115 ° and a multi-graphic display with 52 programs, some already preset and other customizable by the user . It is also equipped with a chain program that offers the ability to create custom programs for special recipes, without limiting creativity. There are three phases in the normal programs: heating, cooking time, cooling. With the chain program you can concatenate these phases and repeat them infinitely, in the order required by the recipe, setting a pause between the various cycles.

R151 is another jewel of the Robotcream family, which is divided into three different versions based on power (R151 Min, Med and Max), in fact the hourly production in ice cream starts from 20 liters in the “Min” , 35 liters in the “Med” model and up to 60 liters in the “Max” version.

Finally, among the multifunctional lines that allow you to introduce a greater amount per cycle and a higher production time, there are R400, R600, R4014 and R4021.

The R line is equipped with many applications to facilitate the work of the industry professionals, such as the ability to make the Chocolate Temperament for Insemination. This is possible thanks to the temperature control of the pot bottom and the stirrer control.

In essence, the Robotcream belong to a large and complete family characterized by high quality in the used components and exclusive technology solutions. Each model, in fact, is able to meet the needs of every craftsman, guaranteeing maximum reliability and efficiency at every stage of preparation. With these machines you can work in a relaxed way at every different recipe stage, with the certainty of getting to your destination.