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Staff Ice System has a long tradition in creating machines for ice cream parlors and pastry shops. In Pastorisers designed and manufactured by the Rimini company, they have the latest innovations, contemporary design and efficient dynamism. The round tub of which they are equipped allows to work with concentrated blends and have an immediate energy saving of 30%, an advantage that results in an increase in production capacity (from 60 to 80 liters).

In addition, since one third of milk does not need a second cooking, the organoleptic and nutritional properties of foods are safeguarded. The on-board computer includes 52 programs, including: a stirring program, a 90 ° pasteurization program to maximize taste and aroma of chocolate based blends; a pasteurization program at 85 ° for optimum solubilization of the most common blends; a 65 ° pasteurisation program with 30 ‘pause for the preparation of fruit ice cream syrups; a cooling / ripening program at temperature (which allows to store the mixtures at 4 ° C); 47 free treatment programs up to 95 ° with pre-set parameters. In addition, the operator is free to intervene during the cycles by changing agitator speed, heating temperature, or cooking times. All of these plus make Staff Ice System pasteurizers an indispensable tool for any artisan workshop, and anyone who is testing them … leaves them no more!