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Dulche de Leche is one of the most appreciated and typical desserts in the South America, namely a sweet cream made with milk and sugar that is used to flavor ice-cream, coffee, yoghurt, to make or frost pies, tarts, biscuits or simply spread on a slice of bread for breakfast. It is similar to the more famous mou, it is not at all nauseating, but irresistibly scented with vanilla and caramel.

One of the most credited legends about the origin of this dessert tells as follows:

in the XIX century a housemaid of the Argentine well known politician De Rosa, forgot milk and sugar in the pot on fire and as she came back, she found out that a smooth and sweet cream was formed due to the long cooking of the two ingredients.

Afterwards, the casually prepared dessert was greatly appreciated and spread throughout the country, the United States and also in Europe.