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SmartMix is ​​a combined multifunction machine consisting of two separate and independent tanks each equipped with compressor and inverter.

The upper tank can be used as a kettle, pasteurizer, matte or pastocrema. The bottom tank is a horizontal hoist with ‘Ad Hoc’ adjustment of the correct ice cream consistency. The Newton-based algorithm per meter, for agitator torque control, provides creamy, compact, dry freezing and modulates gas delivery to the set consistency.

The user may decide to: pasteurize and ripen the mixtures into the upper tank before transferring them to the lower compartment; Heat the blends in the upper tank and transfer them to the lower trimmer (thermal shock). But the two cylinders can also work together: while the upper one is pasteurized and heated, the bottom one can produce ice cream or sorbet, and the transfer of the mixture from the upper cylinder to the lower one occurs through an external canal. In this way it is possible to load into the upper tank the amount of mixture that is to be kept in the bottom by balancing each recipe individually (to produce ice creams in sequence with thermal shock); Or add 15 liters of the mixture to the paste in the tub to be pasteurized and matured (to produce ice cream with traditional cycles).

Smart Mix Combined is available in three models that differ by production capacity (2-4, 2-5, 2-7 liters per cycle). And it is designed in ‘small’ and ‘big’ versions to meet the different heights of the wearer and ensure that work is always done in the utmost comfort.