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Catalonia is a land of great charm, rich in natural beauty, history and tradition and gastronomic culture. In this reality the fascinating story of the birth of Chucho de Crema is inserted: a sweetly prepared with a thin paste (like that of croissants) filled with pastry cream, then fried and covered with sugar.

Chucho is typical of the Girona area, where they also devote a curious recurrence linked to a character called Tarlà, the name from which the sweet spanish comes from. Tarla was a famous acrobat of the Girona area and had fallen in love with the daughter of a baker. The latter, during an unexpected visit to his daughter, surprised the young acrobat hidden in a bag of flour that could not hold back a sneeze. Tarla, to be forgiven by her father, promised to marry her daughter and give her a sweet recipe: the Chucho, so called in memory of sneezing.