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For next  Easter holidays it is an excellent idea to prepare a dessert very famous in Brazil, known as Brigadeiro, simply prepared with condensed milk, butter, cocoa and chocolate. They are soft and delicious small “truffles”, perfect for the holidays, they will delight both children and old people.

Our Robotcream can be a valuable partner in the preparation of this dessert, as they allow you to save time that you should spend in front of the stove, especially in mixing the preparation.

The story of “Brigadeiro” is rather particular, it is believed being born in the mid-’40s, when the Brazilian brigadier Eduardo Gomes was nominated for the presidency of the Republic. The brigadier, being unmarried and also very charming, was successful among women, who organized several parties to promote his candidacy. The story tells that during one of these celebrations they made for the first time a dessert with condensed milk, chocolate and butter and called it  “Brigadeiro” in his honour.